Let us recognize the value and challenge that we are all connected.


We all have the ability to affect others through action and influence. There is a relationship to consider between individual and collective interests. Personal interests and personal gains seem to have little value unless they can be shared - what is a life without the ability to share it with others?

Sharing with others creates the possibility of friendships which make life fulfilling and this promotes mental health.

Why make enemies when this creates obstacles instead of supports? Is life not challenging enough already? As we a diverse world, not everyone has the same tastes and values, but if we are not all natural friends, let us all at least respect one another instead of creating friction or obstacles.

Personal vs. Professional BehaviourEdit

Often we stifle our personal behaviour to promote professional behaviour in a work environment, or we put on a public personna to be socially understood and accepted. However is it not harmful to suppress our natural selves?

Proposed solution:

Perhaps by constantly living our lives in public or in a social environment, we reduce the gap between our personal and public selves. Ideally our natural selves may become our public selves from the influence of continually living in a social, public environment, thereby creating a more harmonious way of living.

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