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The meaning of life is defined differently by different people and there is plenty of advice on this topic from many religeons and belief systems. With the multitude of ideas afloat, I believe it is important to choose a simple starting point to grasp onto and build from.

I propose that the meaning is to first take care of yourself in a healthy way and then to take care of the people and environment around you to create a workable, sustainable vehicle. With the foundation in place, another purpose is to continue to search for meaningful purposes as one explores life with the gift of human curiosity.

One should also try and contribute to the growth and sustainability of life and the environment.

Aside from making a living, I see it as important to balance this with finding a healthy happiness in one's goals and way about making a living.

A part of happiness is an interest in learning about interests and maintaining a passion or fascination for progressive, positive ventures.

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